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Sally's Weekly update for 03/19/10!

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Weekly Update 3/19/10

Have you ordered your copy of Agents of Treachery yet?

This anthology of original espionage stories, edited by Otto Penzler, is limited to 250 copies at $150.00 each. And they are going fast.


Next by James Hynes is getting universally terrific reviews. Kevin Quinn goes to Texas on a job interview and is sidetracked by love, but in the hands of this writer, who does not receive nearly enough attention from the reading public, the story is so much more than that! $23.99

Jo Nesbo is the current star of Scandinavian crime fiction. The Devil’s Star is his third mystery featuring Harry Hole who is assigned to a murder case with a colleague he neither likes nor trusts. When another woman is killed, Harry is determined to find the serial killer and also expose his crooked partner. What Harry discovers is that the two cases meet in unexpected ways. A Hard Boiled Crime Club Selection. $25.99

Peter Straub, who has been promising to stop by and sign A Dark Matter, finally made it this week. The master of creepy has written a terrifying story of supernatural intrigue which starts in high school for a group of students. What happens in a field has long-lasting effects on all those who were present that fateful night. $26.95

Michael Wiley’s second Joe Kozmarski mystery, The Bad Kitty Lounge, begins when PI Kozmarski is hired by Greg Samuelson to dig up dirt on his wife and her lover. It becomes more complicated when, in the space of an hour, it seems that Samuelson has torched the lover’s car, killed his boss, and then shot himself. Kosmarski investigates a case that becomes more and more bizarre. $24.99


For those of you who do not automatically receive shipments from Otto:

The Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes by Barry Grant is an entertainment featuring Mr. Cedric Coombes and James Wilson, or should we say Holmes and Watson? Barry Grant is a pseudonym but he obviously knows his stuff - this story is full of Holmesian knowledge! $48.00

Sherlock Holmes: The American Years, edited by Michael Kurland is a collection of original stories by Richard A. Lupoff, Carole Bugge, Steve Hockensmith, Rhys Bowen, etc. Foreword by Leslie S. Klinger. $25.99

The Sherlock Holmes Handbook by Ransom Riggs is a companion volume to the casework of Sherlock Holmes. Readers will learn how Holmes solved his most celebrated cases, plus modern techniques available to today’s armchair sleuths. $16.95


The Lineup (no, not that one) is a small poetry magazine, a crime poetry magazine! Contributors to Issue #3 include Henry Chang, Reed Farrel Coleman, James W. Hall, and James Sallis. $7.00

We also have copies of Issue #1 (includes poems by Sophie Hannah and John Harvey) $6.00 and Issue #2 (includes poems by Ken Bruen and A.E. Roman). $6.50

A Deceptive Clarity by Aaron J. Elkins, Walker, NY. 1987. First Edition. $65.00

Fine in fine dust jacket.

Amos Walker’s Detroit by Loren D. Estleman, Wayne State University Press, MI. $34.95

With photographs by Monte Nagler. Fine in fine dust jacket.

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill, Wm. Morrow, NY. 2005. First US Edition. SIGNED. $24.95

Short stories by Hill. Fine in boards as issued.

Appleby Talks about Crime by Michael Innes, Crippen & Landru, VA. 2010. $28.00

Lost Classics Series. Fine in fine dust jacket. Shrinkwrapped.

Malice in Wonderland by Rufus King, Crime Club, NY. 1958. First Edition. $125.00

Queen’s Quorum. A fine copy in dust jacket showing some rubbing, especially top and bottom of spine.

Pronto by Elmore Leonard, Delacorte, NY. 1993. First Edition. SIGNED. $35.00

Features Raylan Givens, the character played by Timothy Oliphant in the current TV series, Justified. Fine in fine dust jacket.

When the Women Come Out to Dance by Elmore Leonard, Wm. Morrow. NY. 2002. First Edition. SIGNED. $24.95

Short stories, one of which, Fire in the Hole, features Raylan Givens, the character played by Timothy Oliphant in the current TV series, Justified. Fine in fine dust jacket.

The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo, Random House, Canada. First Canadian Edition. SIGNED. $40.00

Nesbo’s fourth Harry Hole mystery. In wraps as issued.

The Devil Went Down to Austin by Rick Riordan, Bantam, NY. 2001. First Edition. SIGNED. $23.95

Fine in fine dust jacket.

Jo Gar’s Casebook by Raoul Whitfield, Crippen & Landru, VA. 2002. $45.00

The complete Jo Gar stories from Black Mask Magazine. Includes a short story by Whitfield, Scotty Scouts Around, in pamphlet form. Limited to 225 clothbound copies signed by Keith Alan Deutsch, editor, and Tom Roberts, illustrator.


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