Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New eBooks from The Mysterious Press 11/29/11

We're excited to announce sixteen new books from two exciting authors: Wendy Hornsby and Joseph Wambaugh.

Telling Lies by Wendy Hornsby
Wendy Hornsby is the Edgar Award-winning creator of the Maggie MacGowen series. A native of Southern California interested in writing at a young age, she first found professional success in fourth grade, when an essay about summer camp won a local contest. She has written seven of the MacGowen novels, most recently The Paramour’s Daughter (2010), and the sprawling tales of murder and romance have won Hornsby widespread praise. For her closely observed depiction of the darker sides of Los Angeles, she is often compared to Raymond Chandler.

Check out all of her titles: Bad Intent, Telling Lies, A Hard Light, Midnight Baby, No Harm, Telling Lies, and 77th Street Requiem at The Mysterious Press website.

Fugitive Nights by Joseph WambaughJoseph Wambaugh is the son of a policeman, and he began his writing career while a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. He joined the LAPD in 1960 after three years in the Marine Corps, and rose to the rank of Detective Sergeant before retiring in 1974.
His first novel, The New Centurions (1971) was a quick success, drawing praise for its realistic action and intelligent characterization. He followed it up with The Blue Knight (1972), which was adapted into a mini-series starring William Holden and Lee Remick.
Since then Wambaugh has continued writing about the LAPD. He has been credited with a realistic portrayal of policemen, showing them not as superheroes but as men struggling with a difficult job, a depiction taken mainstream by television’s Police Story, which Wambaugh helped create in the mid 1970s. Besides novels, Wambaugh has written non-fiction, and he has won four Edgar Awards. He was also named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America. His most recent novel is Hollywood Hills (2010).

Check out all of his titles: The Glitter Dome, The Black Marble, The Blooding, The Delta Star, Finnegan's Week, Floaters, Fugitive Night, The Golden Orange, and Lines and Shadows on The Mysterious Press Website.

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