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We are now up to the letter M.  The A thru D titles you see were either not sold, or we have duplicates.
Sally Owen
The Mysterious Bookshop
Not all books were published first in hard covers. Many major figures saw many of their books produced as paperback originals, including such giants as Elmore Leonard, John D. MacDonald, Lawrence Block, Ed McBain, and Donald E. Westlake. Sorry, you won’t their books among the following offerings, but all books listed below are the true first printings and most are out of print. Every book is a very fine, as new, unread copy, unless otherwise noted.
Abbott, Jeff, Distant Blood
Adams, Deborah, All the Great Pretenders
Adams, Deborah, All the Dearly Beloved
Adamson, Lydia, A Cat with No Regrets
Adamson, M.J., Not Till a Hot January
Adcock, Thomas, Dark Maze
Adler, Warren, We Are Holding the President Hostage
Albert, Marvin, Get Off at Babylon
Altman, Thomas, Dark Places
Albert, Marvin, Stone Angel
Amey, Linda, At Dead of Night
Albert, Marvin, Stone Angel
Anders, K.T., Legacy of Fear
Anderson, James, Murder She Wrote: Hooray for Homicide
Andrews, V.C, Seeds of Yesterday
Andrews, V.C, Dark Angel
Andrews, V.C, Garden of Shadows
Appel, William, The Watcher Within
Appel, William, Whisper…He Might Hear You
Arnold, Catherine, Imperfect Justice
Arnote, Ralph, Fatal Secrets
Arnote, Ralph, Fallen Idols
Arnston, Harrison, Trade-Off
Asen, Dennis, Deadly Impression
Axler, Leo, Final Viewing
Axler, Leo, Grave Matters
Banks, Carolyn, Groomed for Death
Barnes, Dallas, City of Passion
Barton, Dan, Banshee (cover creased)
Baxter, Philip, Double Blind
Belsky, Dick, Live from New York
Beres, Michael, Sunstrike
Berman, Susan, Spiderweb
Berrenson, Marc, L.A. Snitch
Berrenson, Marc, Bodily Harm
Berrenson, Marc, Special Circumstances
Bickham, Jack M., Murder at Oklahoma
Birkett, John, The Queen’s Mare
Biscuit, Harrison, The Search for Savage Henry
Bishop, Claudia, A Taste for Murder
Bishop, Paul, Kill Me Again
Blake, Christina, Deadly Legacy
Blonski, Anna, Body Parts
Borton, D.D., One for the Money
Borton, D.D., Two Points for Murder
Bourgeau, Art, The Elvis Murders
Bradford, Kelly, Footprints
Brandel, Marc, Murder in the Family
Braun, Lilian Jackson, The Cat Who Played Brahms
Brightwell, Emily, Mrs. Jefferson Takes Stock
Brightwell, Emily, The Ghost and Mrs. Jefferson
Bryan, Kate, Murder at Bent Elbow
Bugge, Carole, Who Killed Dorian Gray?
Bunzel, Reed, Pay for Play
Burke, James, Fatal Choices
Burkey, Dave, Rain Lover
Burton, Anne, The Dear Departed
Burton, Tony, The Department of Correction
Byrd, Max, Fuse Time 

Caine, Hamilton, Hollywood Heroes
Cameron, Lou, The Hot Car
Campbell, Bethany, Whose Little Girl Are You?
Campbell, Robert, The Junkyard Dog
Campbell, Robert, The 600-Pound Gorilla
Campbell, Robert, Plugged Nickel
Carillo, Charles, My Ride with Gus
Carlson, P.M., Murder Is Academic
Carlson, P.M., Murder In the Dog Days
Carlson, P.M., Audition for Murder
Chase, Samantha, Postmark
Chittenden, Margaret, Beyond the Rainbow
Christopher, Constance, Dead Man’s Flower
Churchill, Jill, A Farewell to Yarns
Churchill, Jill, Anything Goes (advance proof copy)
Churchill, Jill, A Quiche Before Dying
Claire, Edie, Never Sorry
Clark, Katharine, Steal Away
Clarke, Anna, The Case of the Anxious Aunt
Cleeves, Ann, Come Death and High Water
Coleman, Anne, Stranger in My Bed
Collins, Stuart, Burndown
Conde, Nicholas, The Legend
Corris, Peter, The Big Drop
Corris, Peter, Man in the Shadows and Other Stories
Corris, Peter, The Big Drop
Corris, Peter, Pokerface
Crespi, Trella, The Trouble with a Small Raise
Cunningham, Chet, The Avenger
Daeninckx, Didier, Murder in Memoriam
Daheim, Mary, Auntie Mayhem
Daheim, Mary, The Alpine Legacy
Daheim, Mary, Done to Death
Daheim, Mary, Fowl Play
Daheim, Mary, Holy Terrors
Daheim, Mary, Just Desserts
Daheim, Mary, A Fit of Temptation
Dain, Catherine, Lay It on the Line
Dain, Catherine, Dead Man’s Hand
Dank, Gloria, Friends Till the End
Dantz, William, Pulse
Davis, Kenn, Dead to Rights
Davis, Kenn, Words Can Kill
Davis, Kenn, Nijinsky Is Dead
Davis, Marc, Dirty Money
Dawson, Janet, Kindred Crimes
Dawson, Janet, Till the Old Men Die
De Felitta, Frank, Funeral March
Dennis, Ralph, Hardman #6: Murder’s Not an Odd Job
Devon, D.G., Precious Objects
Devon, D.G., Temple Kent
Devon, D.G., Shattered Mask
DiChiara, Robert, Alibis
Dillinger, James, Adrenaline
Dobbs, Michael, House of Cards
Dold, Gaylord, Snake Eyes
Dold, Gaylord, Hot Summer, Cold Murder
Dold, Gaylord, Bonepile
Dold, Gaylord, Muscle and Blood
Dougherty, Kathleen, Double Vision
Drake, Alison, Tango Key
Dunbar, Tony, The Crime Czar
Dundee, Wayne D., The Brutal Ballet
Dunlap, Susan, Karma
Dwiggins, Toni, Interrupt
Effinger, George Alec, When Gravity Fails
Eichler, Selma, Murder Can Kill Your Social Life
Eichler, Selma, Murder Can Spoil Your Appetite
Emerson, Earl, The Rainy City
Emerson, Earl, Poverty Bay
Emerson, Earl, Nervous Laughter
Evers, Crabbe, Murderer’s Row
Evers, Crabbe, Murder in Wrigley Field
Evers, Crabbe, Bleeding Dodger Blue
Evers, Forrest, Takeover
Everson, David, Rematch
Fairleigh, Runa, An Old-Fashioned Mystery
Falk, Margaret, Dark Horse
Fawcett, Quinn, Napoleon Must Die
Fawcett, Quinn, Death Wears a Crown
Fisher, Michael, Cries from the Darkness
Fitzwater, Judy, Dying for a Clue
Fliegel, Richard, The Next to Die
Flinthart, Dirk, Brotherly Love
Fluke, Joanne, Video Kill
Foxe, Jason, The Hampton Classic
Forrest, Richard, Lark
Franklin, Max, Charlie’s Angels: The Killing Kind
Franklin, Max, Starksy & Hutch: Death Ride
Franklin, Max, Starksy & Hutch: Bounty Hunter
Frankos, Laura, St. Oswald’s Niche
Frieder, Pat, Privileged Communications
Frist, Joan Van Every, Silvershine
Fulton, Eileen, Dying for Stardom
Fulton, Eileen, Lights, Camera, Death
Garrett, Michael, Keeper
Garrison, Christian, Paragon Man
Gat, Dimitri, Nevsky’s Return
Gerstner, Nickolae, Dark Veil
Gillespie, Robert B., Little Sally Does It Again
Girdner, Jacqueline, The Last Resort
Girdner, Jacqueline, Adjusted to Death
Girdner, Jacqueline, A Stiff Critique
Gordon, Deborah, Beating the Odds
Gottesfeld, Gary, The Violet Closet
Grant, Charles L., Something Stirs
Graves, Elisabeth, Black River
Gray, Gallagher, Death of a Dream Maker
Greeley, Andrew M., Happy Are the Meek
Green, Kate, Shattered Moon
Greenwood, Kerry, Death by Misadventure
Griffin, Annie, A Very Eligible Corpse
Haddam, Jane, Not a Creature Was Stirring
Haddam, Jane, Act of Darkness
Haddam, Jane, A Great Day for the Deadly
Haddam, Jane, Festival of Deaths
Haddam, Jane, Feast of Murder
Haddam, Jane, Precious Blood
Haddam, Jane, Quoth the Raven
Haddam, Jane, Murder Superior
Hager, Jean, Blooming Murder
Hager, Jean, Death on the Drunkard’s Path (proof copy)
Hall, Adam, Quiller
Hall, Adam, Quiller’s Run
Hall, Adam, Queen in Danger
Hall, Adam, Bishop in Check
Hall, Adam, Knight Sinister
Hammonds, Michael, Came a Spider
Hanlon, Sean, The Cold Front
Harper, Richard, The Kill Factor
Hastings, Beverly, Home Before Dark
Hastings, Juliet, Deadly Affairs
Hauser, Thomas, Agatha’s Friends
Heffernan, William, Winter’s Gold
Henderson, C.J., Something for Nothing
Henry, Sue, Termination Dust
Herndon, Nancy, Widows’ Watch
Herndon, Nancy, Time Bombs
Heyes, Douglas. The Kill
Hightower, Lynn S., Satan’s Lambs
Hilary, Richard, Snake in the Grass
Hilary, Richard, Behind the Fact (some cover wear--$4.00)
Hilborn, Ann, Personal Justice
Hooper, Kay, House of Cards
Hooper, Kay, Crime of Passion
Horowitz, Renee B., Rx for Murder
Howard, James A., Friday Is a Killing Day
Huebner, Frederick D., Judgment by Fire
Izzi, Eugene, Tony’s Justice
Jacobs, Claire Rainwater, There Was a Little Boy
Janeschutz, Trish, Hidden Lake
Jance, J.A., Payment in Kind
Jance, J.A., Minor in Possession
Jance, J.A., Injustice for All
Jasperson, William, Lake Effect
Jeffers, H. Paul, The Rag Doll Murder (spine crease--$4.00)
Jerina, Carol, The Tall Dark Alibi
Joshua, Benjamin, M.D., A Drop of Murder
Juniper, Alex, A Very Proper Death
Kains, Josephine, The Curse of the Golden Skull
Kains, Josephine, Devil Mask Mystery
Kantner, Rob, The Back-Door Man
Kantner, Rob, Made in Detroit
Kantner, Rob, The Red, White, and Blues
Kantner, Rob, The Quick and the Dead
Kantner, Rob, The Harder They Hit
Kantner, Rob, Dirty Work
Katz, Jamie, Dead Low Tide
Kelley, Patrick A., Sleightly Lethal
Kelly, Bill, & Dolph Le Moult, Street Dance
Kelman, Judith, Where Shadows Fall
Kelman, Judith, Someone’s Watching
Kemprecos, Paul, Neptune’s Eye
Kemprecos, Paul, Cool Blue Tomb
Kezer, Glenn, The Queen Is Dead
Kingsbury, Kate, Maid to Murder
Kingsbury, Kate, Eat, Drin, and Be Buried
Kingsley-Smith, Terence, The Murder of an Old-Time Movie Star
Klawans, Harold L., Sins of Commission
Knister, Barry, The Dating Service
Kraft, Gabrielle, Bullshot
Kraft, Gabrielle, Screwdriver
Kraft, Gabrielle, Let’s Rob Roy
Kraft, Gabrielle, Bloody Mary
Krauzer, Steven M., Rojak’s Rule
Krich, Rochelle Maier, Till Death Do Us Part
Lake, M.D., A Gift for Murder
Lake, M.D., Amends for Murder
Lake, M.D., Cold Comfort
Lake, M.D., Poisoned Ivy
Lachnit, Carroll, Akin to Death
Lamb, J. Dayne, Questionable Behavior
L’Amour, Louis, The Hills of Homicide
Langley, Bob, Precipice
Lance, Peter, First Degree Burn
Lauria, Frank, Blue Limbo
Leek, Margaret, The Healthy Grave
LeMone, Charles Shea, A Dance in the Street
Levinson, Richard, & William Link, The Playhouse
Lewis, Elliott, Two Heads Are Better
Lipinski, Thomas, A Picture of Her Tombstone
Lipinski, Thomas, The Fall-Down Artist
Lockhart, Max, Nobody Dies in Chinatown
Logan, Margaret, C.A.T. Caper
Lordon, Randye, Father Forgive Me
Lorens, M.K., Deception Island
Lorens, M.K., Ropedancer’s Fall
Louis, Joseph, The Trouble with Stephanie
Louis, Joseph, Madelaine
Luber, Philip, Pray for Us Sinners
Lupoff, Richard, The Classic Car Killer
Lynds, Dennis, S.W.A.T.: Crossfire
McCarver, Sam, The Case of the 2nd Séance
McClintock, Malcolm, Mary’s Grave
McCrumb, Sharyn, Lovely in Her Bones
McCrumb, Sharyn, Highland Laddie Gone
McCrumb, Sharyn, Sick of Shadows
Mcdonald, Gregory, Fletch’s Moxie
Mcdonald, Gregory, Carioca Fletch
Mcdonald, Gregory, Flynn
Mcdonald, Gregory, Fletch and the Man Who
McGiffin, Janet, Emergency Murder
McKenna, Bridget, Caught Dead
McNamara, Joseph D., Code 211 Blue
McQuay, Mike, Hot Time in Old Town
Maron, Margaret, The Right Jack
Maron, Margaret, Baby Doll Games
Mason, Sarah J., Murder in a Maze
Mason, Sarah J., Seeing Is Deceiving
Mason, Sarah J., Dying Breath
Maloney, Shane, Nice Try
Mariz, Linda, Body English
Mariz, Linda, Snake Dance
Massey, Sujata, The Salaryman’s Wife
Matera, Lia, Where Lawyers Fear to Tread
Mathewson, Joseph, Death Turns Right
Matteson, Stephanie, Murder on the Cliff
Matteson, Stephanie, Murder on the Silk Road
Matthews, Patricia, Mirrors
Mead, Richard, The Third One
Mead, Richard, The Moses Bottle (review copy loose in covers--$4.00)
Melchior, Ib, The Tombstone Caper
Melville, James, The Imperial Way
Merritt, Robert, To the Death
Meyer, Charles, The Saints of God Murders
Mills, D.F., Deadline
Mitchell, Kirk, Cry Dance
Montgomery, Yvonne, Obstacle Course
Moore, Miriam Ann, Last Dance
Moore, Richard, Death in the Past
Morse, L.A., The Big Enchilada
Morse, L.A., The Old Dick
Mortman, Doris, True Colors
Murphy, Warren, Digger #1: Smoked Out
Murphy, Warren, Digger #2: Fool’s Flight
Murphy, Warren, Digger #3: Dead Letter
Murphy, Warren, Trace: Pigs Get Fat
Murphy, Warren, Trace: Too Old a Cat
Murphy, Warren, Trace: Getting Up with Fleas
Murphy, Warren, Trace: Once a Mutt
Murphy, Warren, Trace: When Elephants Forget
Murphy, Warren, Leonardo’s Law
Murphy, Warren, Jericho Day
Myers, Amy, Murder at Plum’s
Myers, Tamar, Gilt by Association
Myers, Tamar, Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth
Myers, Tamar, Larceny and Old Lace

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