Friday, December 2, 2011

Bonded Together: James Bond & His Ladies

As Americans (Brits, you're included here too), it is our innate responsibility to not only know, but to love all things James Bond. In fact, I personally believe that every red-blooded male should in some small way dictate his life in accordance with Bond’s life philosophy (Ideally, Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies, le sigh…). Think martinis, wristwatches that spit out glue that captures both Russian spies and the hearts of millions, and a penchant for bow ties. Come on, guys, at the very least you can invest in an Aston Martin DB5.
FlavorPill has consolidated a slideshow of the women that have also fallen under the spell of 007, it’s nice to know I have a kindred spirit in…Halle Berry? Check them out Here. Also, just for fun, here are 10 quirky facts about my man, 007. (via Flavorpill).


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