Friday, December 2, 2011

From the archive: 101 Greatest Films of Mystery & Suspense, #101

From the archive: We're recounting the films chosen by Otto Penzler for his now out-of-print 2000 collection, 101 Great Films of Mystery & Suspense. Here's number 101.

Charlie Chan At The Opera (1936)

TYPE OF FILM: Detective
STUDIO: Twentieth Century-Fox
PRODUCER: Sol W. Wurtzel
DIRECTOR: H. Bruce Humberstone
SCREENWRITERS: Scott Darling and Charles S. Belden; story by Bess Meredyth
SOURCE: Characters created by Earl Derr Biggers
RUNNING TIME: 66 minutes

BEST LINE: After a seamstress screams because she saw a strange man in Madam Lilli’s dressing room, the strange manager, trying to bring order to the chaotic scene, tells Sergeant Kelly, “You cops would make everybody hysterical…This opera is going on tonight even if Frankenstein walks in.”

To see a full plot summary, analysis and little known facts about this classis film, Go Here.

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