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Sally's Weekly Update for 06/05/09

The Mysterious Bookshop

58 Warren Street

New York, NY 100007

Ph: 212-587-1011

Fax: 212-587-1126

Open Seven Days, 11.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.


Joe Gores has signed our copies of Spade & Archer. Not only that, they have arrived here!

This title was the February selection for The Hard Boiled Club, so all members of that club will automatically receive a copy with your May selection..

We have the Alexander McCall Smith profiles of Precious Ramotswe. We have started sending these out already.

Crime Club members will receive their copies with your June selections.

We still have a few copies left, so if you would like a hardcover copy signed by McCall-Smith ($60.00), let us know.

And of course, you will receive a paperback copy free with any purchase during the month of June.


Jeffery Deaver’s latest, Roadside Crosses, is now signed. This features Kathryn Dance, introduced in The Bodies Left Behind. A Hard-Boiled Club Selection. $26.95

Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood is an original trade paperback and its about as hard-boiled as they come! $13.95

The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone is not strictly a mystery although there’s a caper at the heart of this family saga. If you love terrific literature, here’s a chance to get acquainted with Malone’s work. $24.99

Die For You is best-selling author Lisa Unger’s latest. She takes us from New York City to Prague in search of the answer to the question: what if the one you love, your husband, is a complete stranger to you? $24.00

The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu by Michael Stanley is the second in the Detective Kubu series set in Zimbabwe. $25.99



This small publishing house has specialized in bringing out beautifully produced short story collections by the greatest mystery writers of the 20th century, as well as some who have been under-appreciated or neglected by all except the most sophisticated aficionados. We have recently had the good fortune to purchase a complete collection of these important books, all in hardcover and in perfect, as new, condition. If you have been collecting these, here’s a good opportunity to fill in whatever gaps you may have. You might also want to consider collecting them if you haven’t already done so, or you may find new titles here that are certain to reward you with excellent reading, as the publisher has excellent taste in choosing which authors to publish.

Each book listed is a first edition. All the limited editions include a separate pamphlet laid in with a story not included. Here’s the first offering:

Berkeley, Anthony, The Avenging Chance & Other Mysteries from Roger Sheringham’s Casebook. 2004. $29.00

Biggle, Lloyd, Jr., The Grandfather Rastin Mysteries. 2007. $29.00

Brand, Max, Masquerade: Ten Crime Stories. $29.00

Breen, Jon L., Kill the Umpire: The Calls of Ed Gorgon. 2003. $42.00

Limited to 200 signed copies.

Cody, Liza, Lucky Dip & Other Stories. 2003. $42.00

Collins, Michael, Fortune’s World. 2000. $40.00

Limited to 200 signed copies.

Collins, Michael, Slot-Machine Kelly: The Collected Private Eye Cases of the "One-Armed Bandit." $29.00

Cummings, Joseph, Banner Headlines: The Impossible Files of Senator Brooks U. Banner. 2004. $29.00

Locked room mysteries. With a memoir by Edward D. Hoch.

DeAndrea, William L., Murder All Kinds. 2003. $29.00

Faherty, Terence, The Confessions of Owen Keane. 2004. $42.00

Limited to 200 signed copies.

Gardner, Erle Stanley, The Danger Zone & Other Stories. 2004. $29.00

Edited by Bill Pronzini.

Keating, H.R.F., Majumdar Uncle: An Inspector Ghote Story. 2003. $15.00

A pamphlet limited to 355 copies published as a Christmas gift for friends of the publisher and not offered for sale. As new.

(Keating, H.R.F.), The Verdict of Us All. 2007. $43.00

Stories by members of the Detection Club to honor Keating. Includes original stories by Len Deighton (a Sherlock Holmes adventure), P.D. James, Reginald Hill, Colin Dexter, etc. Edited by Peter Lovesey, with a preface by Dick Francis. Limited to 300 copies.

King, C. Daly, The Complete Curious Mr. Tarrant. 2003. $29.00

Several locked room mysteries.

McCloy, Helen, The Pleasant Assassin & Other Cases of Dr. Basil Willing. 2003. $27.00

Macdonald, Ross, The Archer Files. 2007. $45.00

The complete Lew Archer short stories. Limited to 400 copies.

Maron, Margaret, Suitable for Hanging: Selected Stories. 2004. $45.00

Limited to 285 signed copies with a page of the author’s original typescript, with corrections in her hand, bound in.

Marston, Edward, Murder Ancient and Modern 2005. $43.00

Limited to 225 signed copies.

Millar, Margaret, The Couple Next Door: Collected Short Mysteries. 2004. $29.00

Mitchell, Gladys, Sleuth’s Alchemy: Cases of Mrs. Bradley & Others. 2005. $45.00

Peters, Ellis, The Trinity Cat & Other Mysteries. 2006. $29.00

Queen, Ellery, The Adventure of the Murdered Moths & Other Radio Mysteries. 2005. $60.00

Limited to 275 copies.

Robinson, Peter, Blue Christmas: An Inspector Banks Story. 2005. $20.00

A pamphlet limited to 355 copies issued as a Christmas gift for friends of the publisher and not offered for sale. As new.

Satterthwaite, Walter, The Mankiller of Poojegai & Other Stories. $43.00

Limited to 200 signed copies.

Spillane, Mickey, By-Line: Mickey Spillane. 2004. $100.00

Limited to 250 copies, signed by Spillane and the editors, Max Allan Collins and Lynn F. Myers, Jr.

Symons, Julian, The Detections of Francis Quarles. 2006. $29.00

Wright, Eric, A Killing Climate: The Collected Mystery Stories. 2003. $42.00

Limited to 225 signed copies.


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