Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New books by Langton, Klavan, Marlowe, Haywood and Healy from


It's a busy day at've got 37 new eBooks available! 

 Up first, we have nine John Cuddy novels from Jeremiah Healy. First appearing in Blunt Darts (1984), Cuddy is a Boston-based private eye who has become Healy's best-known character. Moral, honest--and violent, when need-be--Cuddy makes his living solving cases that have fallen through the cracks of the formal judicial system. You can find those books here.
Next we have the six Aaron Gunner mysteries by Gar Anthony Haywood. Gunner was introduced in 1987's Fear of the Dark, which was influenced by a love for the Los Angeles mysteries of Ross Macdonald. Publishers Weekly said that Haywood "has a good ear for the sour voice of the true private eye and the sense of tired hopelessness of the underclass they have always served." You can find those books at this link. 
We've also added seven Homer Kelly novels by Jane Langton, completing the series at 18 books. Kelly is a Harvard University professor who solves murders in his spare time, and Langton is prolific writer who's won the Bouchercon Lifetime Achievement Award. We also have an exclusive video profile with Langton. You can find that, and her books, here. 
We also have 14 books by Stephen Marlowe, featuring his globe-trotting private eye, Chester Drum. Although a private detective in the mold of Philip Marlowe, Drum was distinguished by his jet-setting lifestyle, which carried him across the globe, from Mecca to South America, in espionage-tinged adventures. You can find Marlowe's books here. 
Finally, we've added another novel by Andrew Klavan: The Scarred Man. In this chilling book, a ghost story forces a man to confront the darkest secret of his past. You can find it, and the rest of Klavan's books, at this link. 

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