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Sally's Weekly Update for 04/20/12

We're heading into Edgar Awards Week.  This will be the sixteenth time I have attended the Awards Banquet (hope I didn't jinx anything by mentioning that) and the most striking change is that there is no longer dancing before the awards. Otto Penzler and Mary Higgins Clark always made such a striking couple! 
And yes, it was the 33rd birthday of The Mysterious Bookshop last Friday.
Here's the update.
Sally Owen
The Mysterious Bookshop
The Mysterious Bookshop
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New York, NY 10007
Ph: 212-587-1011
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Open Monday thru Saturday, 11.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.

Weekly Update 4/20/12

Tuesday, April 24th 6.30p.m - 8.00 p.m. The Mysterious Bookshop and The Mystery Writers of American team up to present
Vengeance, an anthology of original stories edited by Lee Child
The anthology will be signed by contributors including Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Twist Phelan, Adam Meyer, Steve Liskow, Orest Stelmach, Janice Trecker, C.E. Lawrence, Anne Swardson, Darrell James, Mike Wiecek, Jim Fusilli, and Dreda Say Mitchell.

Thursday, April 26th. 6.00 p.m.- the wee hours of the morning!
The Edgar Awards will be presented at The Grand Hyatt Hotel. We will be there.


White Horse is a first novel by Alex Adams set in a dystopian future where the president of the United States has announced that human beings are no longer a viable species. When Zoe, who works at Pope Pharmaceuticals, realizes that everyone she loves is disappearing, she starts running. Her journey of survival is set in a shockingly changed world but, along the way, Zoe comes to see that humans are defined not by their genetic code, but rather by their actions and choices. $19.99

Cara Black was here signing copies of Murder at the Lanterne Rouge. The disappearance of her business partner’s girlfriend leaves Aimee Leduc with mixed feelings. But when the woman’s picture is found on the body of a murdered scientist, Aimee finds herself involved with the French Secret Service. A Soft Boiled Crime Club Main Selection. $25.00

Philip Kerr signed the U.S. edition of his latest Bernie Gunther thriller, Prague Fatale. It is 1941 and Bernie is back from the eastern front working homicide at Kripo. But now Kripo answers to Reinhard Heydrich, a man Bernie both fears and hates. Heydrich is now Reichsprotector of what was, until 1938, Czechoslovakia and he believes he is a target of an assassination plot. Bernie is ordered to Prague to watch Heydrich’s back. $26.95

The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection is the latest Precious Ramotswe mystery from Alexander McCall Smith. The best detective from the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency faces a tricky situation when her personal and professional lives become entangled. $24.95

The Girl Next Door by Brad Parks is the third mystery to feature veteran reporter Carter Ross. When Nancy Marino is killed by a hit-and-run driver while delivering the Eagle-Examiner, Ross sees an opportunity to write a heroic piece about a woman killed too young. He attends her wake to gather tributes and anecdotes and is told by Nancy’s sister that the accident might not have been accidental at all. $24.99

Wallace Stroby signed copies of Kings of Midnight featuring Crissa Stone. Trying for one more score to get her lover out of jail and retire from her life of crime, Crissa finds herself on a collision course with ex-mobster Benny Roth. $24.99

Lawrence Block has regained the rights to some of his Matthew Scudder mysteries. Hopefully, he’ll get them all back at some time because now they have been reissued as handsome trade paperbacks. All signed of course.
A Stab in the Dark - Matthew Scudder # 4 $18.95
A Walk Among the Tombstones - Matthew Scudder #10 $18.95
A Long Line of Dead Men - Matthew Scudder #12 $18.95

In addition, we have copies of Block’s collected Matthew Scudder stories back in stock:
The Night and The Music $18.95

Although it is not a mystery, we do have a few signed copies of The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey. An automaton, a man and a woman who can never meet, a secret love story, and the fate of the warming world are all linked in a story that explores the mysteries of life and death, the miracle and catastrophe of human invention and the body’s astonishing chemistry of love and feeling. $45.00

Bitter Water by Gordon Ferris features Douglas Brodie, ex-policeman, ex-soldier and newest reporter on the Glasgow Gazette. A rapist has been tarred and feathered by a masked group and Brodie discovers a link between this act and a series of brutal beatings. Ferris is the author of the best-selling The Hanging Shed. $33.00

We have signed copies of Beastly Things by Donna Leon. When a body is found floating in a canal, strangely disfigured and with multiple stab wounds, Commissario Brunetti is called to investigate and is convinced he recognizes the man from somewhere. $45.00

Cop to Corpse by Peter Lovesey features Peter Diamond, Bath’s CID chief who has the most dangerous assignment of his career. He must outwit an adversary, the Somerset Sniper, who is targeting police officers in the West Country. $50.00

The Key is the second thriller from Simon Toyne, author of Sanctus. In the ancient Turkish city of Ruin, American journalist Liv Adamsen lies in an isolation ward, her memory a blank. She knows she entered the Citadel at the heart of Ruin but can remember nothing else except that she is "the key." But the key to what? $33.00

We are missing number 61 of The Book Case by Nelson DeMille.
Several customers request specific numbers when they subscribe to our publications. We like to make sure that those customers have a complete set.
It seems that we have sent #61 of Nelson DeMille’s bibliomystery to someone other than the customer who requested it.
If you have # 61 of The Book Case by Nelson DeMille would you please return it?
We will not only replace your copy with another number, we will also give you $20.00 towards your next purchase.

Dead Man Twice by Christopher Bush, Doubleday Crime Club, NY. 1930. First U.S. Edition. $100.00 Name, else about fine in an unusually nice dust jacket with only light wear at top of spine.
Hangman Blind by Cassandra Clark, John Murray, London. 2008. First Edition. SIGNED. $85.00 This first in a series of medieval mysteries introduces Hildegard, the Abbess of Meux who, in the uneasy year of 1382, is traveling through a densely wooded countryside when she encounters a gibbet with five bloodied corpses and in the next clearing, the body of a young man brutally butchered. But what is the connection? Fine in fine dust jacket.
The Red Velvet Turnshoe by Cassandra Clark, John Murray, London. 2009. First Edition. $50.00 In 1383 against the backgrounds of plague and the Hundred Years War, Hildegard, the Abbess of Meux, is sent across Europe in search of a precious relic, the Cross of Constantine. Fine in fine dust jacket.
The Law of Angels by Cassandra Clark, Allison & Busby, London. 2011. First Edition. SIGNED. $60.00 Hildegard of Meux - sleuth, spy, and now abbess of the powerful Cistercian Order - has found refuge from a world of violence at her new home in Yorkshire. But by taking a bonded maid into the fold, Hildegard has made a dangerous enemy who thinks nothing of destroying her little sanctuary to further his own ends. Fine in fine dust jacket
Murder in the Stratosphere by Gilbert Eldridge, Phoenix, NY. 1940. First Edition. $100.00 Name and address on front endpaper, remainder marks on bottom edges, else a fine, tight copy in dust jacket that is lightly worn at spine ends and edges. Nicer than usual for Phoenix Press.
(MacDonald, John D.) A MacDonald Potpourri by Walter & Jean Shine. Univ. Of Florida, Gainesville. 1989. First Edition. $125.00 Invaluable reference, without which it is impossible to determine the first printings of MacDonald’s books. Very fine.
The Far Side of the Dollar by Ross Macdonald, Knopf, NY. First Edition. $300.00 A very fine, fresh copy.
Sinner Take All by Wade Miller, Gold Medal, CT. 19609. First Edition. $25.00 Very good.


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